The Ultimate Earring Gift Guide

The Ultimate Earring Gift Guide


Whether you are shopping for your mom, your daugther, or your best friend, it can be challening to find the perfect gift, especially a unique one and at an affordable price.  That's a lot of boxes to check!

Our earring gift guides are curated to help you narrow down our massive earring selection to fit the lifestyle of your recipient.  From the animal lover or healthcare worker, to the minimalist or nature lover, or all the way to the conspiracy theorist, we have earrings for everyone on your shopping list!

Mega bonus, all of our earrings are made with fantastic plastic posts!  Great for sensitive ears as well as everyone else!


Earrings for Dog Lovers

Finding it ruff to retrieve the perfect howl-iday gift for a dog lover?  We think the ulti-mutt surprise would be an adorable pair of dog earrings! We are paws-itively sure that they'll be hounding you for more.


Earrings for Cat Lovers

Celebrating a cool cat?!  Need the purr-fect gift right meow? No more kitten around, we've procured a cat-alogue to make your decision making quick and  easy!  Fur-real, pur-use out gift guide for cat lovers here and meow.


Earrings for Coffee Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for a coffee lover can be quite a tall order.  We know you want to espresso how much you love them, make sure they know you want to say thanks a latte, or that they mocha you laugh.  Well don’t worry, be frappe!  We've bean doing all the grinding for you and have brewed up the perfect blend of gift ideas!  We feel sure you'll be thanked with lots of mugs and kisses.


Earrings for Foodies

Romaine calm.  We know that thyme is money, so lettuce help you find the tastiest gift for the foodie on your shopping list.  No need to settle for medi-okra gifts.  Instead, let's give 'em something to taco 'bout with a smorgasbord of adorable and hilarious foodie earring options. Or, if you are overwhelmed by too many beautiful pears of earrings to choose from, let's cut to the cheese and really meat your needs.  Our gift guide for foodies will help you find inner peas with just a few choices of the most adorable food earrings.  You butter believe it, finding the perfect gift is nacho problem anymore.


Earrings for Sports Fans

Striking out when it comes to finding the perfect gift for a sports fanatic?  We can make sure you hit a home run with these playful earrings for sports lovers.  We've got everything from dainty volleyballs to fantastically festive and ridiculously huge tennis racquets.  Either way, you'll hit a grand slam when you gift our sports earrings!  Forget stealing bases, you'll steal hearts!


Earrings for Minimalists

Do you have a minimalist on your shopping list?  Remember that less is more.  Gifting something little for them is the least you can do.  And boy, do we have some small gifts!  Our earrings are small, but our selection is everything BUT minimal!  Overwhelmed by large selections, use our gift guide for minimalists to minimize your shopping and still find the pefect gift.


Earrings for Bougie People

Do you have a bougie person on your shopping list?  A diamond that can be a little rough to buy for?  Someone so extra that glitter trails behind them wherever they go?  Make a statement with the gift of earrings that have all the thrills and frills without the heavy weight and price tag.  Gifting our earrings will mkae your bougie babe think you've really gone the extra mile!


Earrings for Teachers

Teachers deserve a lot of credit.  Be sure not to fail at giving the perfect gift to show your appreciation.  Instead, book it on over to our gift guide for teachers and exam-ine the great options.  Gift some of our teacher earrings and you'll be sure to pass the next test.  You can just chalk it up to being the best pupil.


Earrings for Science Geeks

Think like a proton and stay positive.  We understand the gravity of finding the perfect gift for your science geek.  These quirky science earrings are sure to bring about a pleasant reaction!


Earrings for Math Lovers

Got odd problems?  Finding gifts for your favorite math lover shouldn't be one of them.  You've just got to think outside the quadrilateral!  Has your statistician friend heard of our earrings?  Probably.  Either way, you can count on these great math earrings to get you some extra pi at your next special gathering.  Tired of these jokes?  Not all math puns are horrible. Only sum.


Earrings for Grammarians

What did the period say to the sentence?  We better stop now!  If you've been searcing for the write gift for your favorite grammarian, you've probably been quite nervous, maybe even past tense.  Well, you've comma to the write place.  Period.  No question about it.  Our quirky earrings for grammarians are on point!


Earrings for Book Lovers

Time to book it and grab a gift for your favorite reader?  We've got a novel idea for you.  Take a page from our book and present them with some of our earrings. You'll have to practice shelf control while browing our selection, as you'll likely come across earrings you'll want to check out for yourself as well.


Earrings for Art Lovers

Stuck between a chalk and a hard place when it comes to finding a gift for the art lover in your life?  Easel up.  We've crafted a gift guide for art lovers that will allow you to pen down the perfect masterpiece.  No sketchy ideas on our list, just ones that are pig-ment to be.  We feel sure you are going to want to spend all the Monet you have on these lovely earrings.  Draw a line in the sand, our work here is done.


Earrings for Music Lovers

Are you singing the blues about your gift giving woes?  Time to change your tune because we've composed a gift guide for music lovers that rocks!  Instead of playing it by ear, take note of the earrings on our list, and your gift giving will totally be on key!  We think you'll even be Bach for more.  Plus, your favorite music lover will be singing your praises, as our earrings will be music to their ears.


Earrings for Moms

Looking for a mom-umental gift for the matriarch in your life?  We've got the mother lode of gift ideas for all of your mom-entous occassions.  Gift your favorite mama earrings that will ensure her outfits are always mom point.  Just take a mom-ent and check out our mum-believable gift guide for moms.


Earrings for Patriotic People

Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of freedom ringing in our ears.  Did you say you were looking for gifts for patriotic people?  Our earring gift guide has all you need for your American beauty.  Let her know she's your favorite firecracker by gifting her with earrings that won't irritatite her ears.  Our earrings will have her saying U.S. of Yay!  Cue the sparklers!


Earrings for Healthcare Workers

Are you sick and tired of spending so much time searching for gifts for the medical professionals in your life?  Have you run out of patients?  No need to make rash decisions.  We've got just what the doctor ordered, a chill pill that will allow you to breathe easy!  Our gift guide for healthcare works will get to the root of the problem so that your gift giving ailments will be healed!


Earrings for Nature Lovers

Hey bud! Stumped about a present for your favorite tree hugger? Feel like you are going out on a limb when it comes to spruce-ing up your gift game?  Wood you be-leaf that you are just bark-ing up the wrong tree?  Leaf behind the sap-py gifts and stick to something naturally rooted in beauty.  Our gift guide for nature lovers offers plenty of unbe-leaf-able earrings that will make your tree hugger hippie...or happy.


Earrings for Eccentrics

Is there someone on your shopping list that lives outside of the box?  Do they break all the molds?  Are you out in left field trying to figure out what to gift to them?  Our gift guide for eccentrics offers plenty of wacky and wild gift ideas, guaranteed to put a chuckle in their belly!


Earrings for Conspiracy Theorists

Bugging out about finding the most obscure gift for your conspiracy theoriest peeps?  Fear not, it's not the end of the world!  It's no coincidence that you've found our gift guide, after all, you probably aren't the one living in a bunker.  We've done the research for you and this is no pyramid scheme or fake news!  Even big brother believes you've come to the right place to find the perfect gift.  No cover up necessary!

Ready to pun-t this ridiculously pun-ny blog?  Does it feel like pun-ishment to have to bear any more jokes?  Thanks for hanging in there!  We hope our gift guides are helpful for your shopping all year round.

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