How We Started

Hi! Thanks for your interest in how we started! We are extremely thankful for our customers and are honored you'd want to learn more about us!

From a home school project to full-time family business... here's our origin story.

Sensitive Ears

Mom & Daughter
Earrings by Emma was started by Sarah (Mom) and Emma (then 8yr old daughter) Shelton in 2017.

Sensitive Ears
"Ouch! My ears hurt when I wear these earrings Mom!" That's where it all started... with a problem. What earrings can be worn that won't cause ears to hurt?

Is Gold my Only option?

Sensitive Ears & Gold
Both Sarah and Emma have sensitive ears with most metals. They discovered that Gold works really well for them though. The problem? They're expensive!!

Lost Earrings Swimming
We invested in a gold pair for Emma, but one day she lost them swimming. :( Sad face. We didn't want to keep buying gold earrings for an 8 year old. We love Emma, but that's expensive!

Fantastic Plastic!
Then, Sarah remembered back in the 80s all the other kids with the pumped up kicks (woops... I got off track)... back in the 80s she could wear plastic post earrings without any irritation!

...along with her pumped up kicks. ;)

Fast forward to 2017 and she ordered a pair and thought, "Hey! We can make these for ourselves Emma!" And so the earring making began!

Home School Project

Friend's Biz
So then, one of Emma's friends had started her own business and Emma was like, "I want to start my own business!".

Home School Project
Sarah encouraged her to do it! She would help and it could be part of her home schooling. So, Emma started thinking about what she could do and Momma bear said, "Why don't you sell earrings?"

As they were discussing this at a salon Sarah's super cool hair stylest, Brittany, offered some display space at her salon!

Boom! Bam Bap Bada Bap Bap Pow! and Emma is in business!

Trade Shows

Trade Show Invite
So things are going great so far. Emma is making some sales at the salon and it's a cute little fun project.

Then one of the salon patrons sees the Earring stand at the salon and decides to invite emma to a pop-up show at their even in Piedmont, OK called Chester's Party Barn.

The Sales Were Great!
Emma does so well in sales, that she makes a nice little profit and decides, let's find more shows!

Family Biz

Bigger Shows & Website
After those first few shows, we get into bigger shows like the State Fair and An Affair of the Heart. Robbie (Emma's Dad) starts up the ecommerce website.

Dad Quits Real Estate
Robbie had been trying for a few years to be a full time real estate investor with not much luck. So before searching for a job, Rob said, "Why don't I help y'all through the 4th quarter? If we pay the bills great, if not I'll go find a job."

And Praise God, it's been a full-time family business ever since!

Thank You

Thanks for reading and for being apart of Earrings by Emma! None of this would be possible without our amazing customers, family, and friends!

We are so thankful for all you!