The Website is Live!

Hi!  My name is Emma and I am so glad that you are visiting my virtual storefront!

I love earrings!  But I don't love the irritation (or ear-itation as I like to say) that comes along with metal earrings. 

I started making plastic post earrings for myself at the beginning of 2017 and it's been so exciting to finally have a large collection of comfortable and stylish earrings that I can wear.  When I found out that many of my friends and family also had sensitive ears, I started making and selling earrings to them.  That has turned into opportunities to sell in a salon, at vendor events, through facebook page, at a market store, and in person everywhere I go. 

Come to find out, almost everyone I come into contact with tells me they have some degree of sensitivity when it comes to wearing earrings.  With such a great need for non-irritating earrings, I'm excited to finally launch my website so I can sell to the masses!

My favorite part about owning this business has been to bless others with the opportunity to wear stylish earrings without ear-itation and at an affordable price.  I hope you have happy ears!


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  • Chloe Nowlin

    I love my earrings they are pink Jeep earrings I love that they are one of my favorite cars and color keep up the good work Emma ~Chloe Nowlin

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